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So I was conversing with a fellow I know, and the right side of my brain asked the left side, “So just how much square footage per person is there these days?” We both agreed that seemed like an interesting question (given all the people running around these days), so we looked around for a body to help us research the answer.

We just happened to find one handy, so off we all went to the virtual library and math lab.  Unfortunately our math consultant was a Communications Arts major and made a small error thinking square kilometers to square miles was the same as kilometers to miles. Fortunately everyone involved obsessively double-checks their work, so we caught the error in time.

Pity, though. The original answer would have been fun to write about.

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Killer Hangover? Blame Your Wine Glass

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Wine drinkers could be pouring themselves more than they think, according to a new study by Iowa State University.

Those asked to serve themselves a normal glass of white wine into a clear glass dished out 9% more than when pouring red wine, researchers warned. What’s more, wide glasses received around 12% more than standard receptacles. And topping up your tipple in-hand adds yet another 12% compared to using a table or countertop.

The reason, explains Iowa State’s Laura Smarandescu, is that these variables affect how we assess volumes. So it seems the best way to ensure a clear head is by enjoying a narrow glass of red poured at the dinner table.

[Daily Telegraph]

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