Square Footage

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So I was conversing with a fellow I know, and the right side of my brain asked the left side, “So just how much square footage per person is there these days?” We both agreed that seemed like an interesting question (given all the people running around these days), so we looked around for a body to help us research the answer.

We just happened to find one handy, so off we all went to the virtual library and math lab.  Unfortunately our math consultant was a Communications Arts major and made a small error thinking square kilometers to square miles was the same as kilometers to miles. Fortunately everyone involved obsessively double-checks their work, so we caught the error in time.

Pity, though. The original answer would have been fun to write about.

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Stony Stratford Volkswagen


IMG_0146_1500x1000I popped along to this years Stony Stratford Classic Car Festival last Sunday morning and this time, as it was looking like it would be nice and sunny, I took my ’55 Oval Window Beetle out for a drive. By the time I got there at 10am, the market square, which was home to all of the pre-1975 vehicles, was just about full and I was directed into the car park behind the health centre. Funny how the 3 nice, shiny E-Type Jags which arrived just after me were found prime spaces right at the entrance to the car park!

There was a very good turn out this year with a wide variety of weird and wonderful machines to look at parked around the town. Just the usual handful of VWs though, most from the local VW Club. They must have got their early as they were parked in a…

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El 2013 Greenwich Concours d ‘Elegance

Mind Over Motor

We were in attendance for the 2013 Greenwich Concours d’ Elegance this past weekend in Connecticut. It was a fantastic event, and we saw, and drove, many awesome cars. Like most Concours events we go to, we have come back with months of material that we will be sharing with you over time, but this is a highlight reel to wet your appetite. Enjoy.

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Tenía tanta hambre que comí mis palabras

Live Now And Zen

Colorado is filled with extreme sports enthusiasts — marathoners, triathletes, cyclocross racers, river kayakers, rock climbers, mogul skiers, and myriad other endorphin junkies. Intrepid Coloradans trek up our 14,000 feet peaks each and every summer weekend because, well, they’re there. And everyday, run-of-the-mill, “normal” people take on day-long rides like the Triple Bypass where they cycle over 3 mountain passes, 120 miles with over 10,000 feet of elevation gain just to say they did it. What’s crazier than that? How about that people choose to do that same ride in reverse the following day to complete the Double Triple Bypass? With these things in mind, please understand that what I am about to relay regarding my adventure yesterday is not extraordinary at all. Oodles of people can tell the same story, so I am not being modest when I say that this is not a big deal at all. Except…

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The Railway Museum, Saitama City, Japan

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saitama railway museum
Despite my lack of Nihongo speaking and reading abilities, one thing that makes my travel across Japan quite manageable is the vast network of trains and the website called Hyperdia.

I mentioned on my previous blog post that in order to experience India one must experience its railway system, I guess same analogy perfectly fit for Japan, though by comparison the latter has by far better, cleaner and safer system.

If you been to Japan, whether it is for work, study or tour, chances are you will find yourself familiarize with the term “JR” which stands for Japan Railways. There are six Japan Railways Group currently operating across the country four main island of Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu. The surrounding region around the capital city of Tokyo is under JR East.

In order to appreciate further the impact of the train system to Japan’s historical, cultural and technological…

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